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    Is your dog unruly, out of control, won’t listen to you, bolts out the door or acts out aggressively?
    Have you tried to get help with little or no success? Are you considering getting rid of your dog?

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  • 5 Minute Challenge

    The 5 Minute Challenge is designed to give you a chance to see what is possible with your dog using CANINE UNLIMITED DOG TRAINING’s proven methods to teach any dog to walk politely on leash. Your dog trainer explain the challenge and then help you experience the change.


  • Training Packages

    CANINE UNLIMITED Dog Training offers training programs designed to help all dog owners. From our most popular Good Dog in home training program to our Group Dog Training Program, we have a program for every dog.


Training for every dog, everyday!

 We build strong relationships between dogs and their owners.


Rod’s History & Background

Rod's passion was working with and solving behavior problems for his client’s dogs. He has been teaching obedience since 1982.

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5 Minute Challenge

The 5 Minute Challenge is an initial training exercise that CANINE UNLIMITED Dog Training  uses to teach new dogs to walk on a leash.

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Training Programs

Are you going through changes in your life and your dog isn’t adapting well? Whatever the case might be Rod is here to help.

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5 Minute Challenge

  • Does your dog take you for a walk rather than you taking him for a walk?
  • Is your dog aggressive when you encounter other dogs and people?
  • Are you embarrassed how your dog acts when people come over?
  • Are you afraid of what your dog might do while on your walk?
  • Are you thinking there’s no hope for you and your dog?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to come and take the ROD’s DOG TRAINING 5 Minute Challenge!

Client’s Comments

  • What a fantastic canine and human trainer. From the first meeting you can tell that Rod is very in tune with canine behavior. His approach to training is very effective, he’s a master of reading body language, and his calm and consistent energy seems to instantly beam down whatever leash he’s holding.
  • We felt like the training was customized specifically for us. We are not able to think of one item that we dislike about the program. We felt that the training with multiple dogs in a park provided a “Real Life” situation.
    Jeff & Cortni
  • We really liked the individual attention (one-on-one) training with Rod and our Chocolate Lab. I highly recommend this type of training mixed with group sessions (for interaction with people & other dogs). The commands and individual training worked very well.
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