Rod’s History & Background


For over 30 years Rod has continuously trained numerous breeds of dogs. During his time with the US Army, he had the opportunity to become a military working dog handler and dog trainer. Rod received his training at the Department of Defense Dog School located at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. After leaving the military Rod continued onto a law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff in the Denver area. He became trainer for the departments K9 unit training new K9s and handlers and developing training programs for the ongoing training for handler and their K9 partners. During his leadership, Rod continued his education by taking the opportunity for several trainers from other law enforcement agencies to assist his ongoing K9 education. Rod's passion was working with and solving behavior problems for his client’s dogs. He has been teaching obedience since 1982. During that time he has taught for Adams County Adult Education and is the training consultant and recommended trainer for several veterinarians. Rod has taken the techniques learned throughout his career and has applied those to his methods. He can get you started in as little as 5 minutes to help you enjoy being a dog owner.

Praise the positive. Correct the negative.

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