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Did you recently adopt a new furry friend? Has your longtime fuzzy companion decided to become destructive? Are you going through changes in your life and your dog isn’t adapting well? Whatever the case might be Rod is here to help. Learning the proper way to train your dog is a lifelong skill.

From potty training, pulling on a leash, separation anxiety or even various forms of aggression; Rod will help you get back on your feet as the pack leader and help your dog develop proper respect for you.

rods-dog-trainingCANINE UNLIMITED Training Includes:

  • How to be a leader
  • Proper praise and rewards for your dog
  • Basic Commands
  • How to correct undesirable behavior
  • Leash Manners
  • And so much more!

Evaluation and Quick Start Training Session

Are you embarrassed and frustrated by your dog’s behavior? Have you tried to get your dog to listen to you? Jumping on everyone you meet? Have you tried other dog training services with little or no help or success? Do you dream of having a dream dog? A dog you can take anywhere with confidence. You have the dog you want, you are just missing the training to make him the perfect dog. Canine Unlimited Dog Training is here to help! With the Evaluation and QUICK START Training Session I will meet with you and your dog. I will evaluate your situation, your dog’s behavior, and design a training program to meet your needs. The first lesson is also included. I will teach your dog to walk politely on leash and more. You will be instructed on what you need to practice with your dog.

FOUNDATIONS Dog Training Program

A good dog is the dream of every dog owner. If you are dealing with behaviors like your dog being out of control, pulling you on the leash or worse, the FOUNDATIONS Dog Training program is your solution. Your dog will learn to follow your directions in any given situation. Your dog will be the companion you have always wanted and you will learn how to communicate with them to build a stronger relationship. The FOUNDATIONS Dog Training program includes 4 private training sessions and 3 months of group training sessions. It also includes walking politely on leash and up to 6 commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Leave it). You will also have the opportunity to work on problem behaviors like chewing, charging the door, and more.


The RELIABLE DOG Training Program

If you have ever wanted to experience the joy of walking your dog off leash and challenging yourself and your dog The RELIABLE DOG Training program is designed for you. You and your dog will learn everything from sit on command to sitting on command while you are walking. The RELIABLE DOG Training program will give you the dog of your dreams following your directions on and off leash in virtually anywhere you want to go.

Special Behavior Modification Private Lessons

Our Behavior Modification Private Lessons cater to dogs with aggression issues and severe obedience problems.  This is a rewarding, but rigorous training program.  Rod, you and your dog will meet once a week for 5 to 8 weeks.  We will deal with issues like biting, fighting, dominance aggression, phobias,  fear aggression, nuisance barking, neurotic behaviors and much more. We have years of experience in rehabilitating these types of behaviors in a variety of breeds. These lessons are customized to the needs of the dog and client after our initial evaluation/consultation.

Depending on the negative behavior in your dog, some may require additional sessions to ensure success.

Group Dog Obedience Program

Group classes are a great way to help your dog learn the 5 most important commands; Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, and Come.  Life won’t quiet down simply because your dog needs time to focus. This is why group classes are such a valuable part of your dog’s education. They are the way to ensure your dog will acquire the right training to feel confident and obedient in the midst of everyday chaos.



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