Client’s Comments

What a fantastic canine and human trainer. From the first meeting you can tell that Rod is very in tune with canine behavior. His approach to training is very effective, he’s a master of reading body language, and his calm and consistent energy seems to instantly beam down whatever leash he’s holding. I think what makes Rod really shine is that he is just as good interacting with people, he comes off as being a well seasoned intelligent person that encourages instead of frustrates. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone wishing to teach their dog better behaviors and wanting a stronger bond with their dog. Rod is definitely a friend to the canine world and a blessing to rescue leagues.
AmyFebruary 2014
Rod Butts is an effective and knowledgeable dog trainer, with a rational and compassionate approach to training our dog. He has a thorough understanding of canine behavior, has experience in behavior assessment (essential in training a “rescue-dog” who has unknown behavior issues), and has a genial, confident manner with the animals and their people. We have a “rescue dog”, a Kelpie mix, who has the most loving nature toward my husband and I, but deep suspicion towards anyone else coupled with separation anxiety. Gator is not extremely tall but he is built like a brick, and he is pretty frightening to others when in his ‘protective’ mode. Rod recognized this as “fear-barking” and helped us deal with it very quickly. After only one personal session he had Gator heeling reasonably well with me, which made my working with Gator to reinforce that leash behavior much more pleasurable. In other words I did not get my shoulder jerked out of its socket. We continue to be pleased with his methods, and very pleased with the results. We recommend him and his excellent service to any and all.
Susan and Pete (and Gator)January 2014
Working with Rod was a perfect experience of what a trainer should be. He has confidence that shows itself in the first few minutes that he interacts with your dog. He is as much a trainer for who is holding the leash as he is for your dog. Often times when I have gone through other classes, things move so quickly. Rod moves at your pace, and is repetitive, and takes the time to teach the human. Training is more for the human then for the dog. He teaches you how to be a leader to your dog. His classes that I attended had such great people in them, I felt like I was with friends and relaxed. Looking forward to working with him with all my personal dogs, not just the rescue dogs I work with.
LissaMarch 2013
Rod Butts came to our home to help us with an elderly boxer that we adopted. The boxer was trying to insist that he was the alpha male; we have two other males in the house. The boxer was very protective of my wife. The boxer would pick a fight with our American Bulldog, who is usually mellow and good with the other dogs, whenever my wife walked by the American Bulldog. Rod was very helpful with our situation. He taught us how to help the boxer relax and learn his status in the pecking order of our family. Rod made us a collar to use on the boxer and this really seems to work. Rod was patient and very good with our dogs. I would definitely recommend Rod for any dog training needs. He is passionate about his work and has a wonderful demeanor with dogs. He has a background in training police dogs and it is obvious he knows what he is doing.
PeteMarch 2013
We felt like the training was customized specifically for us. We are not able to think of one item that we dislike about the program. We felt that the training with multiple dogs in a park provided a “Real Life” situation.
Jeff & CortniAugust 2012
We really liked the individual attention (one-on-one) training with Rod and our Chocolate Lab. I highly recommend this type of training mixed with group sessions (for interaction with people & other dogs). The commands and individual training worked very well.
LisaJuly 2012
We appreciated Rod working with us a much as the dog, because once he was not there we had to be in control. Rod is a patient but assertive trainer who quickly finds the root of the problem. We felt from day one we were at the right place with the right trainer. We have a happy, well behaved and obedient dog thanks to your dog training services.
TerryJune 2011
You teach the owner how to be the alpha and give them the knowledge on how to train their dog. You are the best trainer I have ever used.Sadie gets complimented every where she goes on her beautiful manners.
JoMay 2011
I appreciated the trust I had for Rod. I knew that the situation with my aggressive dog was going to be handled safely. I felt encouraged, educated and empowered during and after the sessions.
Branda & MattFebruary 2011
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